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Darrold Hansen
I live in Borneo (Sabah, Malaysia).
I love to draw, play fighting games, and listen to music.

Greetings guys...

I have a question which might concerned with a health issue here.  I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask or not but anyway...

I'm a gamer.  To be exact a fighting games player.  I play Ultra Street Fighter 4, well, I guess everyday.  I play KOF XIII, Skullgirls, Injustice, Capcom Vs SNK 2, and other games occasionally, but I can say that Street Fighter 4 has been my favourite since vanilla.

But lately, I got interested in Street Fighter X Tekken.  I had the game all along since few weeks after it's released, but I kinda less interested to play the game maybe because of its system.  I kinda dislike (at first) the way that I can easily press LP, MP, HP, HP, HP in order to perform launcher combo.  Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that the game sucks.  The game is pretty cool to be honest.  I'm the one who suck at playing it.  By the way, I got interested on SFxT lately because I watched the tournament video on Youtube and I can see the right way to play the game which is awesome.  I honestly feel the game enable us to pick any characters that we like, and learn how to make them an effective tag team.  It feels like we don't have to learn the 'specific' way/combo to make the team works, instead we have the freedom of combo as long as we enjoy the game.  That's my opinion on SFxT.

Back to main point, well, I found that I have a problem everytime I play SFxT.  I thought that the problem just happened to me one or two time, but it happened almost everytime.  I had this kinda 'blurry vision' after playing the game for like 15-20 minutes.  Noted that I didn't play games too close to the screen or in a dark room.  I can consider that my room has a good lighting and I play at a safe distance from the screen.  But this blurry vision just keep happening everytime I play SFxT after a while.  I never had the same problem playing other games.  I even play USF4 for few hours (sometimes 3-4 hours) and never had the same problem.  This 'blurry vision' worrying me, and I couldn't play SFxT for more than one hour as I afraid that my eyes will 'burn'.

So what I need to know is, what is the real reason behind my 'blurry vision' issue everytime I play SFxT?  I might consider the brightness/contrast level of my screen, my distance while playing the game with the screen, but if those are the reasons, I would definitely have the same problem with other games too.  Or, I'm guessing that SFxT is face-paced, has a lot of things going on the screen, particles bursting everywhere, flashes, or I don't know what else which can cause this problem.  Or is it? If that is the reason, what problem do I actually have?  Brain? Eyesight? I'm guessing that I will have the same problem if I play UMvC3 (which I don't play) because that game is even more chaotic.

So anyone out there having the same issue? Or is there anything that I should do?  Any solution?  Because I would love to play this game deeply because I started to enjoy the game so much.

Btw, sorry for my bad English.  I tried my best.
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